Bulk Freight

Bulk Freight

With an extensive fleet and an extended and proven driver network there is no limit to Bulk Logistics capabilities. We haul everything from; containers, fertiliser, hay, soil, aggregate and timber.

Single Point of Contact

Bulk Logistics offers customers single point of contact bulk freight solution, coordinating all freight movements. This means our customers can rely on our centralised dispatch system to ensure freight is moved in a timely and efficient manner, eliminating the need to engage multiple carriers.

Efficient Truck Utilisation

Our practices create two main advantages for our customers;

  • We pass on cost savings gained from our smart truck utilisation and ability to use backloads thanks to our varied driver network.
  • We deliver on time every time through our efficient running of trucks and quality driver network.

Health and Safety Enforcement

Bulk Logistics takes a proactive approach when it comes to health and safety, strictly enforcing health and safety policies to ensure the safety of all contractors and other road users.

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